Below is a list of the people who are helping to build and grow Elizabeth’s Canvas.

john perry, founder
John-David loves stories. For the past ten years, his work has focused on the documentation and dissemination of personal narratives. Over the course of his career, he has used stories to define neighborhoods and connect communities. He has worked as an oral historian, a Harvard University Fellow, and as a consultant to the United States government. John-David received a BA in Government from Harvard University, and a Masters in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.

justin junge, vision & art
Justin is interested in almost everything, images most of all. He researches perception, reflection, and imagination in scientific thought, psychology, and art. Some of these topics he studied at Harvard (BA Psychology) and Yale (PhD Cognitive Psychology). He looks like a Viking, and likes to travel.

jc harrington, the designer
JC loves music, startups, and helping people, which is why he is a part of Elizabeth’s Canvas. When he is not going to concerts, he runs a live music startup called TenthRow and moonlights as a web designer. Before TenthRow, he spent 3 years in investment banking and 2 years in venture capital, which is why we also trust him with keeping the books. JC received his BA in Economics from Harvard University.

dr. michael fischbach, therapeutic sciences
Michael is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at UCSF. When he is not prospecting for new drugs produced by microbes from the soil or the human body, you can find Michael out running. After spending ten years in Boston, he loves the climate in the Bay area — he just wishes it weren’t so hilly where he runs! Michael received his BA in Biochemistry and his PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University.

christian f. howes, implementation
Christian is a percussionist, but he likes to build technology for cool new startups when he is not beating on inanimate objects. His computer geek side has international experience working with large telecom companies to 2 person startups. Christian wonders why Michael runs up the hills he does not like; Christian plans his running and cycling routes to avoid the nasty hills.

artin hovhanesian, web developer

Artin is a web developer. He spends his whole day, practically every day, experimenting with PHP, CSS, and JavaScript; and inhaling a wide variety of potentially useless information through a few hundred sources. He builds websites that delight and inform and he does it well.  Artin is curious, and enjoys work that challenges him to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. He does his best to stay on top of changes in the state of the art so that he can meet challenges with tools well suited to the job at hand.