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EC Writing Class Excerpt by Dominique

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“One of the women described herself as a short haired old lady. Not so. The woman is mod,  hip but doesn’t know it. She seems to carry a secret. The kind cats hold in their stretched limbs. It is as if she has the solution to a riddle she isn’t ready to solve. She would do it in her own time. Now she waits remembering the time when she loved cookies. Youthful, she is more 6 than 60 with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. One day she will pull out a rabbit.  She has an inviting torso the kind you want to succumb to. When she wore cashmere she was just that much more receiving. Her tone is comforting and anger feels far away when she speaks. She was accustomed to solving other people’s problems and now she had her own. She would be fine. She had a jar of solutions to chose from.”

By Dominique